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We’ve created an exfoliate that can be used for areas that should be soft, glowing and hydrated. Gentle enough with organic cane sugar and coarse enough with our granulated sugar to reduce ingrown hairs and dry spots.  We got a little fancy and added Rose petals to help lock in moisture and Lavender flowers 
We’ve combined sugars with oils specifically to help and heal our sensitive spot 😻

Buff that 😻
Buff the Elbows
Buff the knees


|Why should you EXFOLIATE|
Using a gentle exfoliate will help prevent ingrown hairs, dark marks and dry flaky skin. Removing desk skin will make it easier for the wax to stick to your hair, rather than you skin.

|How do you EXFOLIATE|
Use your hands to rub into the area, gently rub along the bikini area in a small circular motion to remove dead skin that may clog up your pores. Allow the scrub to sit for 3mins.
Rinse and Woo-lah✨

This should be done after Vaj-Vaj is clean. Once cleaned off, pat the 😻 dry and BUFF with MLBT Body Oils or MLBT whipped body butter
✨This is already a sensitive area so don’t over exfoliate by scrubbing too hard on your skin✨

|When should you EXFOLIATE|
2-3 days after you WAX and 2-3 days before your next appointment, esp if you see the hair beginning to grow. This will reduce redness and soreness to fade and gives open pores a chance to close.

|How often should you EXFOLIATE|
Warmer months: 1x a week
Cooler months : 2x a week