Frequently Asked Questions

Our vegan skincare products are handmade, fresh to order, and reasonably priced for all to enjoy. Moonlight Bath Treats organic skincare products are uniquely made with you in mind to help restore and enhance your natural beauty.

As we work diligently to ensure quality of these handmade products.  Please allow 2-10 business days for processing of your order, once completed you'll receive an email notification of "Ready for Pickup" or Tracking information.

Moonlight Bath Treats uses a variety of butters and oils, specifically Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to make our organic products which are prone to melt in the hotter temperatures.  Shea Butter melts at 95F and Coconut Oil melts at 76F.  It's best to store in cooler temperatures from 68-72F.  *During Summer seasons, we highly recommend whipped products to be delivered to an address where your order will not sit in the heat for long periods of time.   We CANNOT accept returns and we DO NOT apply credit for products that have been left outside.

Don't be discouraged, the beauty of natural products is they have the ability to return to its natural state.  If your whipped products melts, mix and pop in the FRIDGE for 10-15 mins or store them in a cool, dark place.

If you are dissatisfied with you products, please send an email to contactchiohko@moonlightbathtreats.comwith your order number and what product you are dissatisfied with.

We provide store credit, due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns.

Since our products are truly all-natural and we do not use any unnatural preservatives at all, our products do have a shelf life, typically 12-24 months. If our products are kept in the refrigerator, they will stay fresher longer. In the rare case that you purchase is not at its freshest point.

There are absolutely no 🚫 chemicals in our soap bars that help make them last longer.  The added moisturizing oils in our soap bars dissolves more rapidly in water. For this reason, do not leave your soap sitting in a pool of water in the shower. Invest in a soap dish so that your soap can thoroughly dry before the next usage


It's always best to do a patch test before using any new product. It's better to than sorry!