Moonlight Bath Treats

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We continue to use organic ingredients that restore and nourish, creating that perfect glow!

About Moonlight Bath Treats

Moonlight Bath Treats was intentionally created in 2018, for all skin types but specific to those with sensitive skin. Traditional skincare products are made with harsh chemicals that cause damage to our skin and it was important to me to create a skincare brand that was affordable and attainable. We use organic ingredients that are understandable which allows our customers to trust our products and suggestions as it relates to their skin. Our goal is for everyone to fall back in love with "Their Skin".


This is something Carson has been needing! The store is a nice size and extremely clean. The owner was very kind and made our products right in front of us! She answered all our questions and gave great customer service. I bought a ton of products and I’m so happy with my purchase! This is definitely going to be a regular spot for me. #supportblackbusinesses

Ahliyah Sanford

My cousin suggested using these products, and they did not disappoint! I reached out before buying anything because I had breast cancer and a bauble mastectomy and was looking for something specific to help with my scars. I almost immediately got a response with suggestions! And the products I then ordered arrived in LESS THAN A WEEK from cali to Colorado! To top it off, my scars feel softer (after less than a month of use!) already and I feel super luxurious after every shower! I now placed 2 more orders for products for my upcoming wedding for both my bride tribe, and myself. Since I placed the orders a couple of days apart I reached out just to see if they would like to package everything together (just to save a box) and they offered to refund the shipping cost in less than an hour later! The customer service is exceptional and the products are the best things I have ever bought! Thank you so much!!

Femmi Clemons

In July I had major surgery on my abdomen. After stitches dissolved I immediately began to use the Midnight Rub on my surgical scars...I went to the doctor today for an incision check the doctor was completely blown away at how well my skin healed she said it doesn’t even look like I had surgery...she even asked me what I was using... Lol ...I’m in love with this oil I highly recommend it...I use it every night all over my body and I absolutely love it

Janice Williams

Chioko is amazing! She clearly explains how to use any product you purchase! All of her products are definitely 100% all natural. She makes the items while you stand there! It's a beautiful process to watch. She also custom makes body products! I grabbed custom body oils for me and all of my friends! Customer service is top notch. You feel very welcomed from the moment you enter until the moment you leave. Moonlight Bath Treats is definitely the South Bay's Best kept secret. I advise everyone to atleast go once!!! Yooouu will not be disappointed!

Veronica Clanton-Higgins

Amazing products. I LOVE them all. Customer service is AWESOME. I am literally sitting here putting everything on and it smells and feels amazing

Denette Ross

The Facial Elixir makes my skin feel very good. Moisturizes for a long time with only 2 drops


Unbelievable! Moonlight Bath Treats was exactly what I needed. I had no idea this place existed. Once I found out, I purchased facial products and I'm embarrassingly saying, "my face feels as though it has never been this clean". Everyone, please find this diamond of a place, their products will change your life! Thank you Moonlight Bath Treats

Sheila Hubbard Young