Jucee` Yoni Soap Bar
Jucee` Yoni Soap Bar
Jucee` Yoni Soap Bar
Jucee` Yoni Soap Bar
Jucee` Yoni Soap Bar

Jucee` Yoni Soap Bar

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Juceè (Jui-cy) is a natural cleansing wash used to promote vaginal health, cleanse, detox, vaginal tightness balanced to keep your vagina fresh all day long!

A blend of natural ingredients that has proven to help combat common feminine issues (for example) vaginal dryness and vaginal odors without drying out or causing irritation.

•Fights Odor
•Restores PH Balance
•Aids in fighting bacteria
•Increases wetness

Highlight of Ingredients:
Rosemary- Helps clean & balance
Oregano - Helps with bacteria
Basil- Reduces itching
Baking Soda- Reduces Sweat
Arrowroot- Absorbs odor
Fenugreek- Reduces odor
Safflower Oil- Natural lubricant and anti -inflammatory
Apple Cider Vinegar-Reduces vaginal itch & rebalances the vaginal pH 

*We are not offering medical advice, always consult with your physician for advice*

Inserting soap inside your vagina can cause irritation. Rinse your vagina thoroughly with water after using our handcrafted soap.

*Color will darkening based on herbs*

 TREAT YOURSELF - Life is too short to use box store women's soap. Take your bath game to the next level with the best of the best yoni bar soap for women. Small batched and handmade. Treat your delicate areas with the best natural ingredients. Because you deserve it.

SMELLS FANTASTIC - Use it once and you'll never go back. Cleans well, smells even better. We have a full range of delicious soaps for you to try.

 PH BALANCED - Our full range of Yoni Soap Bars for Women is designed with pH balance in mind. Use with confidence as it enhances your natural pH to prevent irritation and bad bacteria.