Juceè Feminine Wash
Juceè Feminine Wash

Juceè Feminine Wash

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Our feminine body wash is made with the most gentile and sensitive soap, Castile and we’ve added all natural ingredients to restore pH balance, help remove impurities without drying out or causing irritation. Can be used as a body wash or bath soak. “Vaginas need and enjoy attention and keeping your vagina happy is important”Highlight of Ingredients: Rosemary- Helps clean & balance Oregano - Helps with bacteria Basil- Reduces itching Baking Soda- Reduces Sweat Arrowroot- Absorbs odor Fenugreek- Reduces odor Safflower Oil- Natural lubricant and anti -inflammatory Apple Cider Vinegar-Reduces vaginal itch & rebalances the vaginal pH


12oz Bottle