Moonlight Bath Treats
Body Wash, Soap Bars & Bath Salts

Body Wash, Soap Bars & Bath Salts

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Body Wash

Juceè Wash- feminine wash

Organic Body Wash


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Moonlight Bath Treats

Loofah Soap Bars


Our LSBs are covered with a shea butter soap infused with our house blend of essential oils that adds as a great source of complete body care.  LSBs are a great source of skin exfoliation,  it can ...

Moonlight Bath Treats

Bamboo Soap Dish


Extend the life of your soap! Help keep soap clean and dry for no more soft mushy soap. This stylish soap dish has a fashion-sleek and deluxe design with a streamlined appearance. Made with real ba...

Moonlight Bath Treats

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Moonlight Bath Treats

Relieve, Relax, Release Body Wash


Our Organic Body Wash is a blend of Eucalyptus oil to help reset. Peppermint oils soothes to help release, with a hint of Lavender to help release your mind and Camphor to relax your body.